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5 Powerful Questions for a Better Future

“You’ll never obtain a better future if you remain stuck in the past.”

Have you ever felt like you are going around the same mountain, but never get anywhere?

Overcoming emotional eating is a healing journey above all else; you move forward into your better Future day-by-day, even during challenging days!

To succeed, you must know where you are starting from, where you are going, and why you want to go there.

The following five questions will help inspire you to create a better future, step by step. I recommend taking them to the Lord in prayer and journal your answers.

Creating your Better Future

Here are the five questions to inspire you in creating a meaningful future:

1. Who else will benefit from you living as a fit and healthy person each day?

2. How will they benefit (name the ways)?

3. Who else could you inspire to change through your positive example?

4. How is fulfilling your health goal in service to growing God’s kingdom?

5. What habits do you need to practice each day to live as a fit and healthy person?

Remember: “You’ll never obtain a better future if you remain stuck in the past.”

Once you have your answers, ask the Lord, “What is the first practical step I can take today to show myself I am serious about obtaining my better future?”

With others supporting you along the way, you will arrive at your better future sooner than you think!

Kimberly Taylor

Author of the Take Back Your Temple program

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