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How to Turn Your Finances Around?

Do you believe your finances can turn around no matter where you are with them? You may be living from paycheck to pay check and barely making it. You would like to have more to save, to give, or maybe take vacations; however, your finances do not allow it to happen. You desire to turn around your finances so you can do what you love to do. You can accomplish your desires and plans no matter what changes you need to make. Let’s look at some ways to accomplish this so you can move forward toward your goal.

For example, Mrs. Susie Pie and her husband enjoy vacations every year. They plan ahead of where to go on vacation.

They love to cruise and take shorter trips. However, their finances limit them from doing what they love: taking two or three trips a year. What can be done about it? What are some changes they can make for this to happen for them? Well, let’s start with how much they are spending each month and how much is saved to go on vacation. The best idea is to do a budget so that they can determine how much to put aside for vacations. Also, Mr. & Mrs. Pie should review their expenses to cut back on eating out and paying extra on subscriptions, cable, and miscellaneous items. If they comb through their budget, they should be able to find ways of cutting back on some expenses so that they can put more into a vacation bucket on their budget form.

No matter what changes you would like to make regarding your finances, you can always create a budget plan to see where your money is being spent. If you think that what you have come into the account is not enough, you may want to have a side job to help with making changes to your finances.

There is nothing wrong with having a second job temporarily, especially since so many things are increasing, such as food costs, restaurants, airlines, car rental, property tax on homes, etc.

Although these expenses may have put a damper on your finances, look to Jesus for help. Ask for an increase for your family. The scriptures in 2 Corinthian 4:18 (KJV) say, “While we look at things that are seen, but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” The increase in prices is temporary, and we can expect a change. But our God is more than what we see in this physical world; the eternal world is so much better that we may be unable to imagine what is in the eternal world. Your finances can change if you ask God to get involved in helping make those changes.

You can make changes to finances by paying off debts, being a generous giver, and saving for the future. As in previous articles, paying off debts will free up money so that you can store it for emergencies or purchase items debt free. Being a generous giver will help you sow as much seed as you can. The seed will grow and grow until it reaches a harvest. You can see the result of the harvest. Having savings will allow you to keep money set aside for rainy days and for whatever you need to do with the savings. These are just a few changes to make for your finances. Pray God will supply all that you need so that you can see a change in your finances.

Grace & peace,

Meliton Barron

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